Came here with my parents for a psuedo thanksgiving dinner, Oct 10, 2009. Surprisingly it was easy to make a reservation via OpenTable tonight. Good view if you sit to the east. Although I still hate the crystal and it's awkardness, the high ceilings make the room spacious, and the glass windows give the room light. There is a lounge area, that was empty, but seems like a nice place to have drinks and dessert. It wasn't busy at all, but maybe because we ate at 6pm and finished around 8pm.

Their menu isn't extremely diverse but has enough choice of excellent food. There are 2 salads. My dad got the poached salmon salad. 4 pieces of salmon, delicately poached, melt in your mouth softness, with juices and fruits surrounding it.

They have appetizers to share. A set of vegatables, or meat, or chachuturie, or seafood. Each around $15 per person. we didn't try it.

I ordered the Rack of Wild Boar. The menu says glazed with Coffee, Pancetta risotto with raisins. The meat was not as tough as I thought it would be. It's seared sides actually was crispy and full of flavour. The risotto was creamy and tasted yummy. It was a good portion and filled me up just enough.

My mom got the Squab and Foie Gras. She's a sucker for the seared liver, and it was good, but a very small portion, because it's so pricey. Served on top of a polenta. It wasn't really that filling at all, but it was very good.

My dad got the Pan Seared Halibut. It was tender and very flavourful. That green thing on the side was like a spinach puree.

For dessert, I had a choice between the Lemon Olive Oil cake with gelato, or this Apple Whiskey Baba.  Many things in here. Here is the menu entry:

Apple Whiskey Baba
Crab Apple Sauce, Cider Jelly, Salt & Pepper Gelato, Squash Leaves, Maple Fudge

It was really interesting. 
Crab Apple Sauce (more like a cake) is the round thing
Cider Jelly is the pink maple leafs
Salt & Pepper Gelato on top like ice cream
Squash leaves were crispy and the golden things on the right
The Maple fudge is the crunch bits in the middle

As the night fell, the place got REALLY dark, and took a long while to adjust. Not sure if they can do something about that.

I would recommended, and the best part is that AFTEr dinner, we walked around the museum... free! (Well no one stopped us) And the gift store was still open!

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