Mildred's Temple Kitchen

The girls and I had brunch today. It was Sunday, long weekend, and around 11:30am, there wasn't a line up, and they don't take reservations. The venue is sleek, and trendy, but comfortable, and there were a few families there.

Coffee was bottomless, but medium orange juice was $4.00 each.  We all ordered the Veda's choice. Essentially a smoked salmon benedict on croissant with Bernaise sauce. Lighter tasting than Hollandaise. (wiki:  BĂ©arnaise uses a reduction of vinegar and tarragon, while Hollandaise uses lemon juice.)
It was amazing, and we gobbled it up quickly!

Sonia got the heuvros Monty. Black bean refritos (re-fried beans), sharp cheddar in a crunchy tortilla, with sunny side up eggs, salsa and avocado creme fraiche. It was like a breakfast salsa nacho. I might get this next time!

As much as I was comfortably full, I couldn't resist dessert. After a choice between Lemon and Honey baklava or Bread Pudding, we went with the Bread Pudding, which was rich, moist, flavourful, and was topped with almonds, and fresh peaches. The almonds were a nice touch.

I'd come here again for brunch. The dinner menu doesn't look like anything special. Some of the blueberry pancakes passed us by, and it looked light and fluffy. Writing this makes me hungry again!!!

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