Yellow Griffin Pub - $$

Finally got to try the "more than 35 different burgers" at Yellow Griffin Pub. But really it is more than just 35. You also have a choice for Beef/Pork/Lamb/Chicken/Veggie/Turkey/Salmon/Bison burger for your patty. Which really makes it, 35 X 8 = 280 burgers!

The place is small and we were a big group. They let me call ahead 15 mins before I got there to reserve a table for 8.
Although it takes 20 mins to order, they do let you know on the menu, and the wait was definately worth it. They have a choice of sides including breaded pickles, sweet potato fries, coleslaw among others. They come with dips as well, so don't be afraid ot ask for your choice of Smoked Hickory Mayo, Garlic Mayo, Cranberry Mayo, Mango Mayo, Salsa etc. (it's on the back of the menu!)

Take a look at what we came up with!

Bahama Mama with Lamb burger - Pineapple with chunky mild curried mango spread and breaded pickles on the side

Chicken New Mexico burger (i believe) - Salsa, Tobasco, Guac, topped with peanut butter, diced sweet potatoes and chopped coriander, and breaded pickles on the side

The Healthy Kick chicken burger - A BIG roasted eggplant, grilled red peppers, and sun-dried tomato pesto and feta. With sweet potato fries. So healthy!

This was mine. I like to indulge. Lamb Calypso Burger - bacon, guac (substituted for avocado, but was even better), mango and cheddar cheese. YUM. I also got Smoked HIckory dipping sauce for my fries, and it was sweet, yet savoury. Lamb burgers are the way to go. The fries were a bit oily, but crunchy.

I'd some here again one day to try the other 276 burgers. Next time we need to confiscate the gadgets and concentrate on the FOOD!

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