At the Westin Prince Hotel
Fresh, best sashami I've had in a long time, and just a unique and different take on japanese food, more traditional, more attention to detail, in both presentation and taste.
I came here tonight with my parents because of Andrew A's review. I forgot about this place, but I used to come here a lot with I was kid, before the place became so pricey.

It was like being in familiar territory because the same people that were working here when i was a kid, still worked here except not in their usual kimono garb. The service is really attentive, at one point we had three people serving us, even the chef came out to say hello!

The food was very good, but very pricey! We had a sashami platter, and you can definately taste the difference between regular fish, and katsura fish (however, if you go to vancouver, it does taste this fresh with a third of the cost).

One thing that was very worth it was the grilled unagi rice. They make it in front of you, with the rice, wasabi, nori, eel (which he torch seared the top first0, egg, and some rice balls, mixed it up all together, and it served at like 7-8 bowls full. ($33)

We also got the black cod, which was very nice, smooth and crunchy. it same with small side garnishes, including a sticky rice mochi wrapped in a bamboo leaf, some pickled veggies, all edible.
What I loved was the attention to detail, and how delicate everything was.

For dessert we got the banana crepe ($8) which was flambeed with grand marnier and served with bananas on the side, and strawberries.

The total cost was $180 for 3 ppl. It was quite worth it, but only for a special occasion. Something unique fo sure. I wonder if it's comparable to the new Katseki place that opened at the japanese community centre.

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