W Burger Bar

Friday evening. 6pm. Dinner with Conrad.
With advice from Kat F. I made reservations and so glad that I did. I was a bit late, but they still held the table for us. There was a lineup with about 3 parties, and we walked right by like VIPs and got seated at our table. AWESOME.
I guess this is the type of place that don't really need to allow reservations, but I'm very glad they did.

However, the table was right in front of the kitchen kind of in the middle nowhere. I commented to my friend that this was awesome, but we got the crappiest seat in the house. My friend said, are you gunna yelp about it? I said probably. Then... maybe he heard me, maybe he didn't, but the manager (? guy with glasses) passed by and said "you can see the kitchen? sorry about that. would you like free drinks?"
I'm like... uhh. SURE!!! and i got a half pint of beer :) :)

Onion rings are superb.

I took a long time to decide. My ultimate burger would be Bison + Egg + Pineapple + Mushroom + Cheese + avacado + Bacon ... but that's just heart attack waiting to happen.
Had to be selective.
Got a Bison ($9.95) + Chipotle Ketchup (free) + Monteray Jack Cheese ($1.25) + Portobello Mushroom ($2.50)

To be honest, it was good, but could have been better. The cheese was thin (i.e. melted, I can see thru it) and the ketchup was only in the middle of the sandwich so only tasted it with one bite.  The mushrooms were there, but didn't really add much to the burger.
However, I will come back there one day and try this infamous frilled cheese with egg.

Conrad got the egg + tomato + beef burger +onions
They were also good about subsitutes

We were a little hurried, to get our bill and sod off, but I could see why: there was at least another 5 parties waiting (and line up out the door). As we walked past them, I wanted to shout, You can CALL AHEAD!!

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