The 3 Brewers (Toronto)

A franchise from Montreal (or France, I'm not sure) opened up recently in Toronto across from the Eaton Centre. The 3 Brewers doesn't roll off the tongue as smoothly was Les Trois Brasseurs, but still worth a try to see if it was up to par with it's Montreal counterpart.

We started with the sampler of their 4 beers that they micro brew at the restaurant. $6.95 for 4 mini shots of beer was perfect for me, but I only liked 3 of the 4. You have your Dark, Amber, Blonde, and in between golden colour.

Although one of the specialties is the 'Flamms' (crunch Flatbread pizzas that hail from Alcase, France), I've never tired one. [But after trying the dessert Flamm, it was really good and I will try it)  I can't pass up the Pork knuckle (or in English it was just the Braised Pork Shank). They also don't have as many "Moules" (mussels) as in Montreal. Only one type.

Sorry for the crappy quality photos, as this is what iPhone gives you.
Their presentation doesn't seem their forte. To the left, Alexey ordered the Beef Stew (I thought it would come in a pot, $10.99). Served with rice, and salad and a small Challah.

My blurry pic on the right is the Braised Pork Shank, $13.99. A pig's hoof, slow simmered in a beer infused broth, the meat fell right off the bone. What they don't tell you on the menu is that it comes with a baked potato, butter and sour cream, salad (no dressing and plain), and hidden coleslaw that looks like sauerkraut.
When I had this in Montreal, I clearly remembered having a hard time finishing this, but it was easy, and we were hungry out of all of it.

Don't get me wrong the food was really good, but I guess expected more. I would suggest getting an appetizer next time.

We decided to order dessert.

For $3.95, you get an Apple Flamm. It's deceivingly good. The picture didn't look to appetizing. For $1.00 you get an ice cream. Could have added other toppings but we didn't. It was a crunchy cracker, covered in apple, and sweet goodness.

The menu here didn't seem as comprehensive as the one in Montreal. Slightly disappointed, but a good choice if you're in the area. Different and unique foods you wouldn't get at Jack Astor's, or Milestones.


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