One of the only more classier restaurants on Baldwin, although I do like Bocca as well, Bodega typically serves really good french food, esp for lunch and dinner, but on this Valentine's Day, Alexey surprised me by going here for Brunch!

I didn't even know they had brunch. It was quite good. Quiet at 11:30am, but being inside the house, wooden floor and fireplace made it really romantic. 

We started with the Foie Gras. Thought we'd splurge on Vday. It was super filling and super yummy. Their house speciality they said.

I forgot to bring my camera, and I'm impressed with the Iphone photos, given the proper lighting. 

The menu selection included some omlettes, salads, pancakes, french toast and eggs benedict. I can't resist not ordering the eggs benny.

 Plenty of home made hollendaise. Eggs perfectly cooked on top of peameal and on a croissant (i love when they do that).
On the side wasn't potato, it was radish, which was a healthy change. 
But I really disliked the bak choy that was on the side. And it was kinda dirty (i know it won't kill me, but if I see it, it upsets me). 
I don't get my a regaulr green salad wouldn't do.

Alexey got the pancakes. and THEY were the "best pancakes I've ever had"

They don't look like much, but these blueberry filled pancakes were moist, and not dry, and filled with sweet goodness. And the super french cream and maple syrup were awesome. 

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