Southern Accent

I've been wanting to this quaint little place beside Honest Ed's for a while. back 3 years ago, Alexey and I bought some spicy bbq sauce from the Hot and Spicy Festival from Southern Accent. I looked up the place, and especially since Cluck, Grunt and Low closed down, I was looking for a place where we can have slow cooked southern food.

I've been in the area before, and this small multileveled house, all lit up with lights, has so much character. I would love to come here again in the summer.

We got there, and the hostess took us up thru the winding staircases and narrow hallways up to a room which housed about 15 people. All lit up and decorated for Mardi Gras, it was colourful and festive. We sat in an intimate corner, with a curtain hanging up overhead. It was quite romantic.

The server was friendly and talkative.

They have an in-house pyschic (which you have to book before hand). It was $30 for one reading.
It was interesting, and I'm always skeptical about these things. She told me some things that I would like to hear, who knows if it will be true. But it was fun.

The food itself, was good, but I can't say it was spectacular. I'd come again, maybe in the summer. I would imagine their winter/summer licious menu would be good.

Unfortunately, all the lighting in there was red/orange, so my pictures were all red !!
We got the Spicy Cajun Calamari for an appetizer. It was really good. Big plate, we took some home. and super awesome on the 2nd day!

I got the Braised Beef. It was tender and the mashed potatoes were good.

Alexey got the blackened spicy chicken.  A little dry, but good, it came with some dipping yogurt.

The dessert, we got the bread pudding. YUM.

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