Guilty Pleasures VI at the Drake

As part of the Winterlicious festival in Toronto, The Drake was hosting an event called Guilty Pleasures.  It was the 6th year that they did it, and here was the description that made us SO excited for about 4 months waiting for this day:

The annual Guilty Pleasures event at the Drake Hotel offers Winterlicious fans a sophisticated and fashionable dining event, with brunch and a chance to shop.
Fresh juice, scones and croissants are just some of the delicious offerings served at the svelte hotel, where you can indulge your taste buds, while browsing original fashions and accessories. The Beauty Bar is open for fashion tips and make-up consultations, and guests receive take-home treats on the way out.
[and all for $35]

We immediately decided to make this an annual thing. and we missed our +1 that was traveling around Asia.

We get to the resto and our seats already had our grab bag full of stuff (Flare Magazine, 3 lipsticks, 2 cadbury slims, 1 expensive water, 1 pack of gum, notepad and pen) and a very nice pile of danishes, croissants, scone, muffins with butter and cherry jam.

 Flaky croissants, and fluffy scone. yumms.

The waiter then came around with some orange mimosas and coffee!

Then we go our second course, a really really good granola yogurt parfait with fresh berries

We had a choice of three courses, a Goat Cheese tart, buttermilk pancakes and Eggs Benedict.
Knowing me, of course I got the Eggs Benny.

A very creamy and lemony hollandaise, and crunch fries. It was very good. It was a sausage underneath instead of a ham.
I wonder if they have a brunch, because I want to go!

During our meal, there was a fashion show and a draw for a necklace.

My only complaint is that there was no salt and pepper and when i asked, he brought me two salts: one in regular shaker, and one in a marble fancy shaker. Very confused, and I ended up with waaay too much salt on my eggs (i couldn't see if something was coming out of it)

Afterwards we did a ton of shopping with great deals from some Canadian designers like Kania .

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