The Boiler House

After at least 2 years of noticing this restaurant, I finally got a chance to try it on the weekend.

In the heart of the distillery district, the Boiler House has a very industrial feel, but at the same time warm and inviting. 2 levels of the restaurant, allow for lots of space and tables, but not the most practical with the buffet station down below. tip: request a table on the bottom floor (I think we were just lucky)

On the upper floor, a live jazz band intermittantly play music. Although noisy, it's keep the vibe of the restaurant, and I believe due to the high ceilings, the noise drowns out, and still can carry on a conversation with my friend, her daughter and our moms.

At around $25 per person (and $12.95 for under 12), there was excellent choice in the buffet, and the food wasn't too shabby. I can't say it was amazing quality, but it was very good.

My only complaint was when we sat down and I was asked what to drink. I said, a coffee, and a hot water (to Waiter #1).  After about 10 mins, I noticed that everyone else had coffee, but I didn't. So I assumed the guy forgot. Another waiter came around and asked about juices. I asked for a hot water. Waiter #1 came back with a coffee and left. Waiter #2 came back with a teapot of hot water and left. I hailed Waiter #2 soon after and asked him for a mug. He looked at me confused. I'm like, where do you want me to drink the hot water? Disgruntled, he left. Then Waiter #1 came back with a tall glass mug full with hot water. Then Waiter #2 came back with a mug and left it on the table.
I was a poor child with 5 different drinks on the table and very confused.

Please excuse my horrible Blackbery photos, because I forgot my camera at home!!

The photos of the food really doesn't do it justice. I wanted to take photos of the actual buffet, but blame it on Blackberry, but my phone was frozen half the afternoon.

The potatoes were very good, the way I like them. Crunchy on the outside, and soft in the inside. The Eggs Benedict was okay. More hollendaise would have been nice, and it was a bit cold when I got around to it.  Bacon = yum. Scrambled eggs were good too.

There was also a french toast. My mom got a small plate and filled it with maple syrup so that when she has her french toast, it wouldn't mix with the rest of the food on her plate. The syrup sat in front of me at the empty spot on the table. The 1st time, one waiter took it, and I said, we're not done with that. The 2nd time, the waiter asked before trying to take it. The 3rd time, this lady took it and didn't even ask or turn back. It wasn't until my mom angrily told her that that was her syrup, and she brought us back a teapot full of it. Poor service? Good service? I don't know, but should ask before whisking away someone's plate.

They also had an omlette stand, make-your-own, and a waffle stand , which I didn't get a chance to try.

Roast beef and ham were very good. The ham was crusted on top like a suckling pig. A rose pasta, mushy perogies, and a greek salad.

They also had pastries, bread and criossant. I had an egg bread, but it was hard.

They also had fruit in additino to the yummy dessert.

The little merigune tart was very good. Lemon, and not a rock hard meriengue. Apple crumble tart, and a lemon and chocolate custard tart. The cookie was a ginger sugar cookie, with perfect softness in the middle, and crunchy outsides. Pecan pie, and chocolate pie was amazing. If you like moussey, the chocolate pie was rich and delicious.

Very parent/kid friendly.
Date friendly too.


$25 pp for AYCE brunch on Sunday

Open Table Available

To try : 1 - brunch
2- Dinner

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