Crepes a Go Go

No pictures because it won't be as appetizing, and really doesn't do the place justice.

A small little Parisian cafe, at the corner of Yorkville and Yonge Street. It's a sign it may be authentic when the owner and everyone who works there speaks French. Even some can't speak very good English.

They serve breakfast from 7:30am-10am on weekdays, and open from 10:30am on weekends. This small place has few seating, but their crepes are easy to take with you.

They have a great variety of crepes. The Parisien has egg, smoked salmon, dill, mayo and red onion. Today I had the Big Ben Extra. (extra =" scarmbled egg") Raseberry Jam, Brie and Egg. It was AMAZING. I wouldn't think it would all go together.

They also serve some pastries in the morning. Fresh from a French Bakery. I found out where, and now I must visit. I just had the half of danish I saved from breakfast and it was crisp, flaky and flavourful. I don't think I've had any better.

Their crepes are cooked fresh, with the perfect thickness, and never under/over cooked.

I could totally inculdge here. I love everything about the place.
You can also call in and order ahead and pick up, rather than attempting to find parking.
I don't know a better Crepe Place in Toronto. I think it beats out the Crepe place on Queen st (but still good)

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