Sandstone Grillhouse & Lounge (Niagara Falls, ON)

After much searching online for a good, decently priced, quality, but not pretentious restaurant. I had wanted to go to the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant but it was closed. Copacabana Brazilian Grill is also an option, but not really the best choice for a vegetarian. The last option was Epicure in Niagara on the Lake, but it's closed in March. Everything else seemed like fast food, or extremely ghetto.

I found this place tho, Sandstone Grillhouse. The website looked appealing, menu well priced, and quality looking food with vegtarian dishes.

Everything on that street looked ghetto and run down. I don't understand that about Niagara. But when we got there, it was a small cozy little house that fit many many people.
It's very homey with a fire place and super friendly people. I'm glad we made a reservation because the tables are full.

After ordering, we got a really big garlic bread. I must have eaten half of it. It was awesomely buttery and flavourful.

We got appetizers. Bruchetta with cheese. Yum. and a baked brie with mushroom.

Delish. I don't know how I ate so much that day.

Alexey got a steak.

I really liked the look of Alvin's pasta. Yum. Creamy and seafoody.

Both Jothi and I got the Spinach gnocchi in a rose sauce. It was SO good. The gnocchi was plush and pillowy. There was a tangy taste, but it was good. Gave it some kick.
We didn't get dessert, and instead when to the fudge place on Lundy's Lane.

i'd definately come back here esp when I feel there's not that much choice in Niagara. This place has so much range and quality. depends when you get it's a $$ or $$$.
Don't know anything that can top this place for the price in Niagara.

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