Epic at Royal York Hotel


So we went to Epic only because I had Fairmont $25 coupons (x4) for food at a hotel.  We have been before to their brunch, but unfortunately they have discontinued it, and we were left with dinner only. 
Epic wouldn't have been the first place I would eat at. Even looking at the menu, food seems over priced, potentially small plates, and lack selection. 

After ordering, we got a big bread

I ordered a squash soup with goat cheese to start.

I ordered the Scallop Pasta. It was actually very good, and I've never had such good scallop ever! It was tender and soft, and didn't even taste like scallop.  The pasta was creamy and yumy.

Alexey got a tuna. We weren't too sure about the suggestable shape to the right.

For dessert was a creme brulee that was covered by fruit and a biscotti. It was good, but with some maple syrup in it and it was weird. 

Overall it cost with 2 glasses of wine around $110. We only had to pay $10. It was okay... but still wouldn't go there on my own.

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