Insomnia (dinner)

I have to apologize upfront that I"m disappointed (although warned) that my new Blackberry Curve 8520 has a crappy camera that in dark lighting can't seem to distinguish colours.
Oh well.

On the eve of st. Patricks, I didn't want to spend the evening crowding with frat boys on Bloor Street in a sweaty bar filled with green beer and green t-shirts. I'd rather have a nice meal and do that in the streets.

Insomnia has been around for a while I know, and they also serve brunch.

The place is small, but cozy. We saw two seats in the front and it wasn't too close to our neighbours but cozy.

I got a burger ($9) with brie ($2) and mushrooms ($1) and it comes with fries and salad with garlic aioli . I wanted to diet and eat healthy, but I can't resist aioli. I also put it in my burger.
I was mess eating that 8oz tho. All the fillings and condiments sputing everywhere. I needed 2 napkins to keep me looking like a fool, which I probably already did.

Alexey got an appetizer size mussels. And it was huge! Perfect for just for him. In a spinach wine sauce, it was tasty.

would come back again.

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