Pizza Express (Hong Kong)

This is my last of the 2009 Hong Kong trip food.

This was a great place, as we were looking for some comfort western food. Walking up along Soho we wanted to find something that was cheap, quality and quick.
With big glass windows we could see a two person table inside, and we quickly pointed at it and grabbed it.

It was small tho. Maybe only about 10 tables and fit about 30 people. I think they had another location somewhere in Lan Kwai, as they were always answering calls about wine orders and kept sending someone.
Seems like a good place for groups (if you can get a seat) with big round marble tables.

I was looking for somehting cheesy and creamy for the last dinner our last night in Hkg.

Started with a mushroom soup. Very fresh. Totally mushroom puree

The mushroom caps were so yummy. 
Unfortunately this was so long ago, i can't remember what we had. but with all that food it was more than enough. 

yummm i miss hong kong

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