Frangipane Patisserie

I've seen this place on my drive home everyday, and thought it might be worth a try. After parking in the LCBO lot across the street, I darted over to Frangipane.

The smells were wonderful, and their displays full of cakes and chocolates and tarts. I heard they were famous for their tarts so thought I would give it try. A medium size goes for about $17, but small is about $7. So I decided to get 2 small ones of different flavours (sour cherry and port&pear).

I took them home and took small slivers of peices to eat. It lasted me a week eating in moderation that way, and they stayed fresh. Keep them in the fridge.
The sour cherry wasn't as sour, but it was sweet with a little kick. The pear you can taste every little pear and port flavour.

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