I've been wanting to try this place ever since I went to Night Market last year and Ada told me this is the only place where I can get my Takoballs on a regular basis. But they have funny hours and not open on Sundays, and close at like 8pm.


I got take out, as I was on my own and in the area. What a GREAT IDEA. The food probably tasted extra better as I was sitting at my tv watching 90210. Yum.

It's small, but I was glad it wasn't busy. I sat at the bar area, and contemplated my order. They have their regular menu, but a special menu that looks like it changes regularly on the wall. I got my Takoyaki, but for 4.99 you get 6 of them. I could have probably eaten that all myself and not ordered anything else, but can't be a fatso like that. For $2.99 you can get Takosen (Takoyaki, served on a shrimp cracker) You only get 3 or them, but worth the extra money for me so I don't overindulge. But I think if ever I go again with people, the Takoyaki 6 pieces is more worth it.
Waiting 20 minutes was worth it. The shrimp crackers didn't do much.

I got the ShirueDon. It's friend egg with yummy mayo on top of rice. Now I think I should have gotten the beef instead. It was cold by the time I ate it tho, because I opened it up to take a pic. Still yummy! $8.99

For $2.99 I wanted their pudding. I think it was like a Steamed Egg Custard. At least that was what it looked like in the picture. I saw her take it out of the fridge and put it in a styrofoam. It was just a creme caramel. Good, not phenomenal.

Would definitely want to go again and try other foods on the menu. Need 2 people at least for that. And I didn't want to bring home soup in case I spilled it. The place has a great selection of traditional authentic and unique japanese favourites.

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