Petit Dejeuner
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Came here for a quick lunch/brunch. There was a short line up at around 12pm. We waited maybe about 15 mins. Then around 12:20 there was no line up, and then another one when we left at 1:30pm. But they serve food really fast.

I have been here for lunch a few times (and each time ordered something from their all day breakfast) but brunch here offers a really good selection.

I am always drawn to the Eggs Benedict each time I go to brunch. I feel it's something I can't make at home, because of the hollandaise sauce. The Benny with Vodka Smoked salmon caught my eye ($14) but as you scroll down, they also have Waffles, with the Benny of your choice. The best of both worlds! ($12.95, but you only get one)

We both ordered the waffles with the benny.

The eggs benny was on top of a smoked salmon. The hollandaise was creamy and lemony. The egg was poached perfectly and liquidy when opened. I wish there was more than one.

The waffles were amazing, and I glad I tried it. They were light, crispy, and thin! So delicate.

It was a perfect ending, and complemented the apple salad side. 

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I've been here a few times for lunch. I came across this when search for a good Saturday brunch place.  I love the smallness and quaintness of it. They have a good selection of food.

Brunch is served 7 days a week.

Toast Champignon with a Poached Egg a halved bagel topped with sautéed mushrooms, bacon*, herbs and onions. Served with apple coleslaw and potato rosti. 10.95

*Vegetarian available with spinach and peppers instead of bacon
Eggs Benjamin with vodka-smoked salmon  14.00
 Ham & Cheese crêpe filled with sautéed ham, piperade topped cheddar & chive sauce 10.95
Croque Madame Ham and swiss and dijon topped with a sunny side egg 10.95

They also have no breakfassy foods
Flemish style beef stew
Lean angus beef stewed with brown beer and
served with a side salad and belgian fries   10.00
And Dinner!
Benjamin Brussels' Style Waffle - Poached egg, hollandaise & vodka smoked salmon  13.00
Steamed P.E.I Mussels “Lobster Bisque”
P.E.I mussels in a lobster soup with toasted challah,
served with fries 16
Confit de Canard - Duck Confit
Served with salad or fries and sweet and sour apple chutney
The method of poaching it in its own fat and then rendering makes it tender like pulled meats and less fatty 23.00
Now I want to go there for dinner!!!!
Week-end Brunch Menu

Sunday - 10 am to 3 pm
Saturday - 9 am to 3 pm

Weekday Lunch menu
Monday to Friday breakfast is served from 8 am to 3 pm
Monday to Friday lunch is served from 11.30 am to 5 pm

Dinner menu
Tuesday to Friday 5 pm to 10 pm
Saturdays from 6 pm to 10 pm

$ for lunch, brunch, $$ for dinner

King and Jarvis

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