Spring Garden Pho Korean and Thai

Just a random drop in for dinner. We were looking for Pho, and passed by this one on Spring Garden. It's wierd because it's called Spring Garden Pho on parts of the menu, then Korean and Thai on other parts.

They have a nice clean, modern decor. Korean dishes, and pad thais on the menu, and Pho and Buns.

We ordered a spicy seafood noodles. It was SO spicy!

I ordered a Stone Bowl Bim BimBap ($8.95). The quiet waitress had a hard time understanding that I wanted the bottom of the rice crispy.  I've been to a place before that told me if I don't ask that, then they don't make an attempt to do it. But at the same time the bowl is so hot and sizzling, I wonder if it's just a matter of me leaving it alone for longer before I start stirring at it.
My meal also came with a Miso soup, and 3 small kimchis and bean sprouts.
I was SO full from brunch earlier, but the rice was a perfect crispy at the bottom, and it wasn't a huge portion, but I ate it slowly. I would come here again.

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