Bistro Camino

Ada suggested this place after hearing really good reviews on Chowhound.  On the Danforth, but VERY far east: past woodbine on Main Street.
It's hidden among some sketchy stores that were "half open".

The chef's name is Hiro. Him and the servers in the Restaurant are all Japanese and speak Japanese. But they serve an interesting array of Western Food. The decor was a little outdated. Looked like a Thai Restaurant transformed. It was very homey. I probably wouldn't have predicted the awesome food and presentation.

There was a 3 course menu for $25 or $28, depending on what main course you ordered.
Choices included Rack of Lamb, King Fish in Miso Butter Sauce, Duck Confit, Braised Ox Tongue, Cream Crab Croquettes.

We decided to get the Braised Ox Tongue and the Cream Crab Croquettes. We first started with the "hors d'oeuvres" that came with the soup of the day (Duck Consumme, or Cream of Asparagus). She described what kind of things would be on it, but we didn't understand...

First came the warm bread, which was clearly Japanese bread, light and fluffy and toasted.

There was the soup, boccacini cheese and tomato, some cold sausage, and smoked chicken. Not really sure what the other things are but they were yummy.

The Braised Ox Tongue was SO tender and soft. Not like the rubber that we like to eat at the Chinese HK Style cafes. 

I decided on the cream croquettes because it's not something I can get anywhere. Inside was fresh (not from can) crab, and some sauce. It was light and yummy.
The greens were dry and not enough dressing. 

For dessert we can choose anything from their dessert menu. It ranged from Creme Caramel and Creme Brulee and Cheesecake to Tempura Ice Cream. All around $3-5. We both chose the special. Baked Pineapple in Rum with Coconut Ice Cream.

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