Fire on the East Side


mmmm. Sunday morning brunch. And I love discovering new restaurants, especially ones that someone else picked!

Fire by the Eastside is tucked away on Gloucester street, on the same corner as the very similar Brownstone Bistro.  A southern type restaurant, they serve Brunch, and Lunch and Dinner. I'd totally want to try it again.

(We saw Sunny Fong lunching today!!)

They take reservations, which was helpful. Although he pointed out that we were 10 mins late, we were given the next available table when we arrived, while others had to wait 30 mins. Definitely a smart move on Stephanie's part.

The place is busy, and small. Noisy, but not that bad we were able to carry on a fairly good conversation. The menu was simple with MANY things, but the Spicy Rosemary Turkey Hash caught both our eyes, that comes with greens and for $2 get sweet potatoe fries instead of home frites.

Unfortunately, the food took forever to come, but we barely noticed because we were in good company. But still, it did take a while.

First came some banana bread (free!)

So tender and light. It was a good start to the meal. I wonder where I can take some home?

This was DELICIOUS. The perfectly poached eggs were on top of a potatoe and roasted turkey hash, and covered with orange-chipotle hollandaise sauce. It was fairly spicy, but REALLY good.

The greens were a good complement. Wish it had a bit more dressing bc I felt it was kind of dry. I like walnuts.

The sweet potatoe fries with a dipping sauce was so bad for me but so good. It was crunchy, and salted.

Would definately come here again, esp for other meals.

Its looks pretty yummy. It's downtown near Yonge and Wellesley. They have brunch Sat and Sunday from 10-4.

They say that their Brunch is one of the cities best offerings. Let's see.

Toad in the Hole - over easy egg/brioche bread/mixed greens/cucumber/avocado salsa/crumbled feta/ choice of sausage or bacon    $11
Breakfast Poutine - home fries/pulled pork/ monterey jack/chipotle hollandaise/poached egg $11
Spicy Rosemary Potato Turkey Hash - poached eggs/ orange-chipotle hollandaise/ smoked turkey/shredded yukon golds/mixed peppers and onions/white cheddar $12
Crab Cake Benedict - 2 crab cakes/ poached eggs/ orange-chipotle hollandaise $12
They also serve lunch and dinner. But the brunch looks best.

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