Colborne Lane

Always a familiar name, and something I've been meaning to look into.

Looking at the menu and photo gallery, this definately a place where presentation presides over the quantity of food. At least I know before hand to expect small portions. I guess that's why they call it Molecular Gastromony. I'd like to try it, but not high on my priority list.

See the chef's profile here:

Types of food look fusiony, but not too much to the east where I will be complaining about the value of my money.
They have 2 different tasting menus (dining room vs kitchen table). Not sure what that's about. Each menu has about 10 different dishes. not sure how much it is.

aloe vera snow + compressed melon + cucumber water + ketel one vodka

sockeye salmon sashimi + yuzu vinaigrette + black sesame caviar + ponzu meringues + avocado + breakfast radish + shiso leaf

tea smoked squab breast + organic beetroot + sultana raisin + blueberry + wild leek + pickled mustard seed

wild mushroom soup + enoki mushroom tempura + silken tofu + brown butter + truffle

foie gras + spiced apple terrine + brioche + coriander blossom + puffed quinoa

miso glazed black cod + sesame panna cotta + green onion sauce + pistachio + puffed tapioca

lamb shortloin + merguez + caramelized eggplant + israeli couscous + black olive + micro mint

dulce de leche + blackberry granita + murray river sea salt

warm doughnut + nitro crème fraiche + passionfruit

iced coffee bomb

five $$$$$ because of small portions.

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