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You pass by the red walls with black cherry blossoms, and you wonder where the entrance is. Enclosed by 2 large steel double doors, you enter another world. A huge difference from what Rain used to be, this place has so much character and feel. Ame = Rain in Japanese

I ordered a Hot Sake for $14. It was nice after a Cold cold walk. Went down very smooth.

We started with Edamame covered in sea salt.

We got two orders of sashimi, 6 pcs around $13 each. This was the Sea Bream. Thin slices, but didn't have much flavor.

We also got the Salmon Belly. It was good, but didn't really see the difference between that and regular salmon. Regardless, it was very fresh. The Salmon belly had a miso drop on it.

Next was the Grilled Black Cod. Very flavourful. And Crispy. It was my favourite.

Then the Robata Grill Butter fish. Not as good as the Black Cod. A little rubbery.

We got tempura $10 for 6 pieces. Perfectly crispy and battered, and served with Wasabi Soy dipping sauce.

I never tried Wagyu beef before. Karmen said that the Flatiron wasn't that good ($28) but the Sirlion was $55. We went with the short ribs. It tasted like chinese "ban yook". It was tender and chewy and served with a berry sauce.

The last dish was a Watercress salad. Served in boquets and with soy beans and seasame 'tota' (some japanese candy. we weren't sure what it was.

For dessert we had the Liquid Chocolate. It was mousse filled with melted chocolate and covered with more chocolate and and wafer. All desserts $9.
We also got the Apple + Chestnut. There was a lot going on in the dessert, and I can't describe it all.

Overall, it was a good restaurant, and worth trying, however be careful with your orders to make the experience worth while. And be prepared to spend some money.
I would come again, but not in a long while.
They also didn't know how to refill my hot water.

Just don't get these guys mad


New Japanese restuarant called Ame opened up on Mercer where Rain used to be. Ame means Rain in Japanese.

According to the review on this place looks unique and worth trying out.

Not sure if it's a glitch on my browser but I can't view the entire menu on their website, but maybe you will have better luck: Website

The Sashimi there is priced between $12-16. Nigri platter 12 for $36.
True, this isn't the most cheap place, but seems affordable, and hopefully fresh and good quality.

The Robata Grill looks yummy, and offers some things I've never tried before. mmm Butterfish
Butterfish, Salted Miso Plum Broth 19
Pork Belly, Tonkatsu  16
Wagyu Flatiron 30 "A Wagyu flat-iron steak is paired with braised oxtail stuffed in bone marrow ($28). The steak is nicely marbled, juicy and charred to perfection, while the braised oxtail is tender and well-seasoned."

 The cocktails don't look exteremly appetizing on first glance, but look VERY interesting and worth trying. They can't put it on the menu if it tastes bad!
Gin Kim chi 14
Gin, pickled ginger, pickled daikon, cilantro, kojuchang, lemon juice, simple syrup
Budou Cocktail 14
Grape infused Vodka, house made bitters, pressed grape juice, ginger-concord grape foam, edible flowers
"We're told that there are some intriguing plans for AME in the new year. A cocktail school is in the works, while a lineup of celebrity chefs (including Iron Chef Morimoto) will also grace AME's kitchen."
I am posting this as $$$$ (as opposed to $$$) because I'm not sure you get too much quanitity for the meal.

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