Cin Cin (Vancouver)

I was visiting my friends in Vancity for one night, and I was asked to pick a restaurant to go to. CinCin seemed one of the best in the city, and it was also one she had in mind as well.

Right on Robson street, it was a nice location for an after shopping dinner. The stairs were festively decorated and inviting.

It's voted one of the most romantic restaurants in Vancouver, and I can see why.

We had a lot of questions about the menu. It was divided into Anitipasti, Primi, Secondi, and Dolce.
And it corresponded with the size of their portions.  It's probably proper Italian conduct that they served it this way, but most restaurants, even if it said "Primi" would give it to you as a main course.

The menu was full of mushrooms which was nice.

Secondi (mostly pastas) were priced at $15-19 each. The server informed us that this is going to be an appetizer size. To get a main course size, we would have to add $10. We took the risk and ordered the smaller size, thinking that it can't be that small.  There wasn't anything ont he Antipasti side we wanted either.

Our server was a bit flustered because as he warned us. It was tiny. My garenelli with veal cheeks was about 20 pastas. It was very flavourful, and the pasta was cooked al dente.

Dilnoor ordered the gnocchi. Pillowy and soft. I like the one at Buca better.

Akber got the lamb shoulder orrichette. I like Orrichette. with a cooked rapini. yum

Unfortunately, after a carafe of wine, and our 3 dishes, the bill was $80, and we were still hungry.
Wondering whether we should have paid the extra $10 for the main course, we went for sushi.

If they had stated something like appetizer/main course cost right there, I probably wouldn't have though twice to order the main course. I feel like a cheap unexperienced foodie now.

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