Four Seasons Hong Kong - breakfast at the Lounge

I always like going to have some Eggs Benny while I'm in Hong Kong, but the only place that I can find to serve it is at some expensive hotel like the Mandarin, or buffets like at the Marriott (my favourite).

I went with my aunt and mom today to the Four Seasons Hotel at the Lounge.  I wasn't too impressed.
It was a steep $150-180 for some meals. And doesn't include coffee/tea etc. We also had to ask for toast, I'm not sure it was included.

They did give us a small walnut yogurt which was yummy to start.

I got my Eggs Benny. Served on the usual english muffin and ham, it was tasty, but I found the poached eggs too watery. when I cut it, liquid poured everywhere. The perfect poached egg would be slightly hard yolk on the outside, but soft and liquidy in the middle, running thick. Maybe it's the type of eggs they get here.

My aunt and I also shared a waffle with apricot compote, and maple syrup. I thought it would be served on top or on the plate. But it was on the side.
The waffle was thick and very floury and dry. It can't compare to Le Petit Dejeuner, I think it will be the waffle to beat for me.

I told someone about this and she suggested one place that might be good to get a western breakfast would be the Flying Pan (Wanchai, and Central). Not sure if it's good, but better value for money for sures. I guess it's not that popular here, esp. when you can get street food, or small cafes for really quick and really cheap.

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