Zen @ Discovery Bay

Alexey and I went to Discovery Bay to take in this man made residential island.  It was very peaceful and different from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong.

After getting off the ferry, you reach a plaza and as hungry as I was, I was in search of an area called D-Deck, where I read there were tons of 'alfresco dining by the seaside'. At first we found a few restaurants side by side, nothing too interesting. It wasn't until I peered further into the restaurant, that you can the other side where there are outdoor seating.

There are 21 restaurants on the deck, but you have to go to the outer edge near the water to find the 2nd half. Zen takes up most of the area there, and seems like the likely only open air space to eat.

The food was okay. I ordered my carbonara pasta (favourite) because I was craving for it. Sitting outside, the food easily becomes cold. It was creamy, but could have more bacon and pepper. But I enjoyed it regardless

Alexey ordered the Lamb Shank on a bed of mashed potatoes. In my opinion, the lamb could ahve been a bit more tender. But it was still okay. The potatoes were really good, but could be because there was butter in it.

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