Kenzo Ramen

138 Dundas St W, Dundas and Bay (Elizabeth Street)
11am to 10pm

A quick weekday lunch, Conrad (my award winning violinist friend :) and I arrived at Kenzo a little before 12pm. There were plenty of seats, but around 12:45 when we left, there was a long line up. The place is not large, but accommodates many, with a good use of space.

We ordered two large noodles ($7.95-$8.95) and they were big portions! The noodles were NOT cup of noodles and the assortment of soups and topping choices was exciting.

Below is the Sapporo Miso Bowl

I LOVE takoyaki, but this one had more flour and rice dough ratio than normal. Still good. YUMMY

Definately a great lunch and authentic japanese noodle place.

After looking at blogto's review of Liberty Noodle, I wasn't too impressed with the price and the feedback from customers. Someone suggested that instead of Mr. CupofNoodles with some fancy ingredients, Kenzo serves authentic made in house ramen, and at a much lower cost. I was sold on the mention of Takoyaki as a side.

See the blogto review.

They have your basic ramen, spicy ramen, speciality ramen , and a hole list of sides.

Price points seem good with ramen at $5.95 plus and gyoza at $6.95

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