My mom, alexey and I picked Cova for afternoon tea because it was close to us (Pacific Place, Admiralty) and that the buffet went until 5:30pm.  Although not as refined in presentation and quality as the other surrounding hotels, at $128HKD per person (as opposed to $228) it is quite a good deal.

The buffet has small little sandwiches, little cookies and pastries, along with some hot hors d'oeuvres and cakes.
Buffet pictures of food are always strange looking. Unless I place it on my plate correctly, I can always get something that looks like it's half eaten!

We got there around 5:00pm and it looked as if they were almost finished, but the waitress assured me that they would refill things up until 5:30pm. There was one hot dish that my mom asked twice and was waiting for it to refill. After asking the host a few times, they just brought some warm quiches directly to our table.

He also brought us a plate of desserts directly to our table. We felt so bad we couldn't finish the giant massive one.

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