June Japanese Restaurant

Located very near Tin Hau station, my cousin took me here for a quick lunch.  What I love about Hong Kong food is that even if you go to many Japanese Restaurants, you'll always find something unique about it.

Their menu had a lot of different lunch set combos, and for a good price you could eat like a king.

I got a Minced Salmon Belly on Rice, it came with Miso soup and a bowl of Udon/Soba noodles (hot or cold). Mixing all the onion, fish and soy sauce together (I don't like wasabi) it was so yummy and favourful. It's not a hot dish, but it's a good combo with the hot noodles.

We also shared a grilled back cod. This fish is so abundant in Hong Kong, I wish they would serve it more in Toronto.  I like flavor, and each bite was full it it. Crispy skin and a sweet sauce. 

You can also get a sashimi platter as a lunch combo (and we got a third miso soup with it too!) The fish was very fresh.

It's a small little place, perhaps hard to find, but totally recommend it!

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