A very smart looking Vietnamese/Thai resto on the 3rd floor of IFC.  I heard a lot about this place, and not only from my mom who loves it.

When the waiter heard me cough, he immediately offered me the Lemongrass Honey Ginger Tea. Although I hate ginger, this actually tasted quite good!

My mom got the traditional condensed milk drip coffee.

They had a set menu, but I was told that prices are not very different from ordering a la carte. The first thing that caught my eye was the Soft Shell Crab avacado rolls.
The salty, warm  and crunchy crab bits, with the melt in your mouth cooler avacado, all combined with a sweet honey like sauce.

Next to share was a big bowl of Pho. Yes, just like our chinatown Pho train, however, the broth was fresh and not full of MSG.

Alexey orderd the set menu and it came with an appetizer of chicken wings. I didn't try one, but looking at it I was slightly disappointed, unless they were REALLY good. Small chickens....

Next was my order of cold vermicelli with lemongrass pork. I ate the first one by unsucessfully trying chew at the noodle (kind of rubbery) and dipping the pork in the sauce. I realized later that the noodle can open up and you can put the pork in there in one big wrap.

The beef was very tender and I wish there wasn't so much food so I can eat some more!

But I had to save room for dessert.  Almost everything on the menu came with ice cream, and because of my cough I really was trying to avoid it.  The fried banana seemed like a nice comprimise.  It came with a coconut ice cream and some type of green cotton candy.  The dough to banana ratio was perfect!

I can see why my mom raves about this restaurant like crazy!

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