Anytime Cafe

Looking for a quick bite to eat for dinner, Causeway Bay is a never fail.
We went to the plaza with the movie theatre, and you have to take the escalators up.

Theres a Hokkaido Rice Pizza, Taiwanese place, thai place, spaghetti house, but the only one that we were in the mood for was Anytime, HK style tea house foods.

I love Chinese style western food. I don't know what it is about this distinct taste and dishes, but only found in HK Style Tea House (cha chaan teng) places.

Almost everything on the menu is a set that comes with soup and a coffee/tea.
And WARM toasty bun. One each.

We got an Ox Tongue. Tender and yummy.

And a baked ham and cheese spaghetti. It fulfilled my creamyness craving.

I really enjoyed the dessert. The Tapioca baked pudding with Sago. VERY filling.

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