Xia Fei (霞飛)

While in TST, we walked by the new K-11 Art Mall. Like typical new malls in the city, it opens but only with half the stores. It seems nice however, and I look forward to it being completed.  

In terms of food, there are a bunch of new restaurants on different floors including a vietnamese place (except it smelt funny near that floor) , a few italian places, and some cafes.  We found this Shanghainese place on the basement level tucked away in a corner.

They are clearly trying to compete with Crystal Jade, but trying to have a different twist of their own.  They must have just opened because the manager was all over the place helping me order, telling off the waiters when they tried to remove Alexey's place setting (and his jacket was there, but he wasn't), teaching the hostess how to great people.  

In the back, the small kitchen was like crystal jade where you can see the chefs pulling the noodles.

On the menu, they had dim sum, fried noodles and soup noodles. I don't remember seeing much else. 

We started with a beef soup noodle. It was pretty good! Added $20HKD and you get pork buns and a big cup of soy milk!

I also had to try their 生煎包 (Shanjian bao) just to test out their culinary skills, per se.  Instead here, they call it ShanJian ManTao (生煎饅頭) which I think is the proper name.  The bottom of it wasn't as crispy as I would have liked it, but it was SO FULL of soup that it squirted out with each bite. (that didn't happen at Crystal Jade)

I really really really wanted the dan dan mein, but I can't eat spicy because of my cough. Instead I got their Low Mien.  It was VERY good. It came with some soup/oil on the side and you mix yourself. I also like the thick fetteccini type noodles. 

I really wanted the Steamed Egg White and Almond paste dessert, but we were so full!!!

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