Compass Room @ Hong Kong Yacht Club

I got the privilege to have lunch here a few times since my aunt is a member. In the Compass Room, after climbing the stairs, you get a really nice view of the harbour.  As it is the Yacht club, they made it so it seems like you're on a Ship sailing towards Kowloon. I'm not quite fond of boats.

They have a cold salad bar, and seafood, with dim sum and soup buffet.  You can request oysters to be brought to the table, and yay for us, it's oyster season in New Zealand, and therefore Hong Kong gets fresh ones!  I tried them before and never really liked the slimeyness of it.  I also had bad experiences that sent me rushing to the washroom soon after the meal.
Maybe I'm older, maybe my tastes have changed (after all i LOVE fish heads)

Served with shallot vinegar and tobasco sauce, it was so yummy. But i can only handle 3

You also get to choose one of 5-6 main courses which I think changes monthly.

Big mushroom with Asparigus

Lamb, i think....

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