Hoof Cafe

I didn't realize how small this place was until my mom and I walked in around 12:15pm on a Saturday afternoon.  Barely enough room to stand without bumping into someone, the place was packed. The hostess (super nice Tess) took our names, we were third on the list, and told us the wait will be about 30mins, and that there's a small coffee shop down the street- get coffees to go, and she'll call us when the table is ready.

We went down the street to the Common Mule, a small espresso bar with big communal work tables, and very good coffee (but I'm partial to the soy milk they served with it).

Sure enough, half hour later, I get a call from the personal cell phone of Tess. Our table was ready, but the people haven't left yet.  There were 2 other spaces at the bar, we took the one at the back. It was cozy. and not squished once you get in. I think I actually preferred this to the table.

The place has character. Like someone's small kitchen, and felt cozy.

There's no menu, but it's written on the chalkboard menu near the front wall. I should have took a pic of it.
It included, Rabbit and Buckwheat pancakes, and tongue grilled cheese, two other things I'd want to try one day.

We were told that today's doughnuts was Marrow and Strawberry. After reading the blogTO profile, I had to try it. $5 sugar coated doughnuts were amazing! I don't know what bone marrow exactly tastes like, but sure made the doughnut work. and they were very hot and fresh.

My mom ordered the Broiche French toast ($9) with added Foie Gras ($14) her favourite. It's a very good portioned Foie Gras for that price. The brioche was soft, and cake like. Served with some peanut butter and jam artistically smeared on the plate. Very filling

I got the suckling pig benny. It was good, but I guess I kind of expected a saltier, smokier taste to the pork. It was kind of like a hash type texture, served on a briochey english muffin. The simple salad, with some oil and salt tasted good, with I think fried pig fat and spices. Still, perfectly cooked eggs, but also wish the hollendaise was richer. Or the pork more flavourful, one or the other.

My mom was quite impressed with the place and wants to take my dad here. I also found out that they also serve dinner, but the menu didn't seem as spectacular as the brunch.  Although, deep fried turkey neck looks tasty and interesting.

I think a better bet is to check out the Black Hoof sister restaurant across the street for some real charcuterie.


On Dundas between Bathrust and Ossignton.

Small little brunch place but serving Charcuterie type food including.
 -small sugar donuts with bone marrow (must try)
 - foie gras seared on top of a french toast ($8+$14)
 - pancake with rabbit
 - blood sausage crepe


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