Enoteca (Hong Kong)

I'm having a hard time catching up with ALL the restaurants that I ate in, in Hong Kong. But I'm slowly getting there.

This great little tapas restaurant is on Elgin, in Soho.  My friend Fanny picked Enoteca, and it was a nice surprise.  I'm usually apprehensive about tapas that it will be expensive per plate and not filling at all, (from some other experiences in Toronto)

It was pretty affordable and ended up to be about $40-50 per person CDN.

We started with a melted brie appetizer. The brie was warm and melty, with a steamed/roasted garlic on the side (that didn't taste like garlic at all). The Toasted brioche type bread was crunchy but soft in the middle.

We also got an appetizer platter. Shrimp, Calamari, Olives, garlic pesto bread, and some other seafood.

This was my favourite. The lamb chops with a goat cheese on top. It was smokey and juicy.

This was a fish with creamy sauce. It's been so long I can't remember :(

The Blackened Salmon, with a Aioli. It was really good, crunchy, but soft and semi cooked in the inside.

For dessert, we got a molten chocolate cake.

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