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So tonight I was dining with one of the owners of Jacobs, and so as to not look like a complete dork, I was convinced that I shouldn't bring out my camera and start taking artsy shots of my food. I was so tempted to sneak shots from my blackberry, but resisted.
But alas, I still must share.

I learnt a new word today when I was looking up reviews of the place.  They staff someone called a Sommelier  A well trained wine professiona, who specializes in wine and food matching.  Didn't get to experience their skills though today.

Once we ordered, it took about another 20 mins before the 'bread' arrived.  Granted, they were completely booked, but it's still a long time.

Arriving was a very delicate and crisp, but moist pastry/bread in what looked like an exploding muffin.  It was filled with air. Imagine a cream puff, savory, not sweet, but no cream instead.  Served with an garlic butter it was soft and buttery.  I didn't eat much I was saving space for what was ahead. I was dying to take a picture of this.

Next was the appetizers.  If you order a caesar salad ($14) they come on a little cart to make the salad from scratch in front of you.  Interesting, but quite gimmicky.  He took some garlic, pepper, lemon juice, anchovy, worchester and tabasco sauce (among other things), and mashed and stirred awkwardly in a big wooden bowl for all to see.  Then the croutons and salad added, and lastly cheese and bacon.  I didn't get to try the salad, and although it seems like a novelty, I'd try it again next time.

Instead we split a Lobster Cobb Salad.  Cooked Lobster, avacados, grape tomatos, bacon and egg.  The bacon was the best bacon I've ever tasted.  Thick, and smokey it made a great complement to the salad.  The egg, somehow, was cooked to a nice creamy perfection. Good salad, HUGE portion.

For an appetizer as well, we split what I thought was the $92 Waygu, between the 5 of us.  Now I remember, and it was the Flatiron. Still around $70~.  The menu changes, so what is on the website, may not be the type of steak they decided to serve today.
This Kobe beef was very flavourful, and each bit oozed with a 'gamey' taste. The meat was a bit tough. Seems very heavy as a single main course.

Also shared a lobster risotto. Not on the menu, but served as a side for one of the other mains.  The rice was a big undercooked and crunchy.  It was creamy, but again must save room.

Our mains finally arrive. Each steak on a small skillet, and we ordered a bunch of sides to share.  I think it's a good idea to do this, as the sides are quite big on their own.

I got a 6oz Striplion ($34). It was more than big enough to eat.  The meat was SO tender, the knife almost melts through. I'm not a  big steak fan, but I finished this up (okay, 90% of it) and was very pleased. I ordered medium, and the outer edge was cooked, and inside was pink.
The steaks are served with a ponzu sauce, some olive oil based sauce, blue cheese and bacon spread and 3 different types of salts (sea salt, smoked salt and a charcoal salt). But to be honest, the steak was so flavorful, no salts were required.

As for the sides, let's start with the Duck Fat French fries.  The fries themselves are cruchy and fried nicely, however, I'm not sure how much the Duck fat adds to the taste.
Baby carrots, a mixutre of yellow and orange baby carrots.
Mushrooms, a mushroom medley in a creamy sauce
Aparagus with bacon hollendaise sace.

Finally dessert.  In additional sorbets and rum raisin ice cream, i couldn't eat anything cold.  Got the Vanilla Creme Brulee. It was amazing. Super crizpy and not as sweet as it could have been on the creamy inside.

Overall the experience was very good, and would recommend it to parents night out ,or to have a good hearty steak.


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