Caravela - Macau

According to Frommer's this place got 3 stars for a restaurant pick in Macau.
"This local Portuguese hangout serves as a bakery, cafe, restaurant, and informal gathering spot for friends, with both sidewalk seating and a small dining room. Professionals stop by for breakfast on their way to work, old men peruse newspapers over cups of Portuguese coffee, and office workers take advantage of the MOP$55 (US$7.15/£3.55) breakfast or the daily set meal for MOP$70 (US$9.10/£4.55) including soup, a main dish, and dessert. The menu itself is limited, offering a few dishes like chargrilled codfish and steak, but the bread is homemade, the pastries are irresistible (a typical Christmas dessert that resembles French toast is always on offer), and the atmosphere is a slice of Portugal in the heart of Asia. It's located in downtown Macau but is a bit hard to find, on an alley 1 block northeast of Avenida Do Infante D. Henrique, between Avenida Da Praia Grande and Avenida D Joao IV."
After walking around for a bit trying to find the place, we found in front of a store called JP, in a small alley that also had a small indian place.

We never saw many caucasian people or westerners around Macau, especially non tourists, but these locals seem to all gather at this place.  Friendly hellos, and chatting made the place seem like an authentic place to eat. Price was pretty good too.

Since I was craving eggs and breakfast (it was 12pm) I ordered the American Breakfast. I also misread the above review, and when the menu said the breakfast came with 'French Toast' I expected this Christmas dessert he was talking about.  I just got Toast.

It also came with a very fresh squeezed orange juice

Alexey ordered a fried rice portugese style (i think). i don't quite remember the listing on the menu. It was so good. We ended up switching.

For dessert, we took at the menu and as well as the ones displayed around the cases. The place is a bakery, so we wanted to try something baked.  We found the French Toast looking thing and I got an egg tart (so addicted).
French Toast was good, and sweet, but not as flavourful as I'd like. The egg tart, I asked them to heat it up, and it was SO GOOD.

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