Haagen Daas Cafe - Venetian, Macau

After having dinner at City of Dreams, we wanted to find a place for dessert.  Hoping to go to the food court at the Venetian, there were no dessert stands, nor anything that was open at 11pm. Not sure why.

We found only one place , a cafe in the middle that might have potential, but the menu was sparse, and only things like waffle and tea.  Next door was a Haagen Daas cafe, ice cream, some desserts and seats!

I've tried the ones in Hong Kong before, and they usually have a huge menu.

We got a cheesecake.

And I got the Chocolate Love (?). They said it was milk with chocolate ice cream melted in it.  I expected the ice cream to be floating in it but they actually mixed it in, which was disappointing.  It was very good and sweet, and lighter than a hot chocolate.

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