Escada - Macau

While walking around the old city near Senado Square, we passed by this restaurant while looking for Caravela.  We went back to it for a quick lunch before heading out of Macau.

I don't know much about Macau/Portugese cusine to know what to expect, but we heard that African Chicken in Macau is a must try.  It didn't seem prevalent in any menus, so we thought that Escada is special enough to serve it.

The chicken was covered in a type of spicy peanutty paste.  It was really good, and I wish I wasn't sick so I could have enjoyed it. If someone out there knows if this IS authentic, or what it's supposed to look like/taste like, please comment.

We also ordered a salted codfish.  I saw this in most menus, and thought we would try.  There were different dishes, but the waitress was suggesting for 'asian' people we would like 'wet' version, rather than the dry.

It was very very very salty. Too salty. Difficult to eat with out the side of white rice.
Is it supposed to be like this?


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