Ji Xiang Yuan - Macau, City of Dreams

After receiving a lot of coupons for 15% off dining in the City of Dreams, we thought we would go check it out.  Unfortunately, the coupons work only in restaurants OTHER than the Japanese place, and the huge food court upstairs.  The rest of the restaurants aren't of much choice (a  Chinese place, some cafes etc) and tough to find something to eat.

Aside: went upstairs to check out the big food court. It was only 8pm, but it was EMPTY. It seemed dead, and desperate for attention.
There are other restaurants inside the casino, that's if you want to sit under a cloud of smoke.

The City of Dreams hotel complex consists of the Hard Rock Cafe hotel, Hyatt and the Crown. The mall underneath has the same stores as most. It also has a distinct smell of flowery perfume that really irritated my cough. Their main attraction is the Bubble, which is a 3d show of some dragons, as the casino sits atop a mystical land.
The casino was okay. Less pretentious than the Venetian, and friendlier, as they constantly hand out small flyers that give you discounts on food, spa and a free spin on this giant wheel (we got a 15% coupon and a key chain)

We found a restaurant to our liking that served not cantonese food but 'hk style chinese food'. Essentially it was like Congee wong without the congee. I liked the confort food after a long day of walking around in the smoke.

It was set up like a small hk style tea house. I liked the decor, despite it was empty (okay, we went on a weekday, but still seemed like no one eats)

You choose the food from a menu on a clipboard. I guess trying to look authentic. Everything was in english.  We ordered a noodles, some veggies, and this rice mixed with mushrooms and abalone sauce. it was yummy. 

The waiter talks to much and some reason wasn't impressed with us. I really liked the rice.
Not so much the casino...

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